National Travel Reports

Any NDAR member receiving money to attend national meetings is required to submit a summary report of the event. Click on any name below to view their report:

2017 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo

Washington, DC -May 2017

Ben Schroeder     Daryl Braham           Dave Lanpher       Dewey Uhlir

Greg Larson         Jerry Youngberg        Josh Boschee        Karin Haskell

Larry Louser        Lyn Dwyer                 Mary Splichal       Nancy Deichert

Nancy Willis        Scott Louser              Vicki Roller            Cindy Harvey


  2017 REALTOR® Conference & Expo

 Chicago, Illinois

Daryl Braham        Scott Breidenbach      Nancy Deichert     Cindy Harvey

Greg Larson            Larry Louser               Scott Louser          Vicki Roller

Mary Splichal          Dewey Uhlir               Lyn Dwyer             Lorrie Nantt

Ben Schroeder         Dave Lanpher           Jerry Youngberg